Annual Report 2017

Dear Community Members,

As your public health department we are commissioned by state statute to serve “all incorporated and unincorporated areas” within our three county area. Furthermore, state statute specifies that the local health departments shall establish programs and measures that promote and protect the health and general wellness, of the people within the boundaries of the local health department. In short, we are commissioned to serve our communities and, in the end, that service is required to promote and protect health.
I wanted to let you know that over the past year your health department has adopted the phrase
“Serving for Health” as our new vision. As stated earlier, we are obliged by state statute to ensure that our services improve health, but we also feel a
moral obligation as public servants and public health professionals, paid with public funds, to make sure the work that we do is viewed as a
service that improves the health and quality of life of those who we are called to serve.
I hope this report, and its contents, are indicative of our continued and increased focus on fulfilling our responsibility to serve for health.

Jordan D. Mathis, Health Officer

Download the 2017 Annual Report