1. Drop the yearly resolution in favor or a weekly goal.

      1. Reflecting on small successes can be empowering.  “Setting mini-goals creates a feeling of accomplishment, and when someone feels positive, they tend to make more positive choices. It’s the snowball effect,” Marjorie Cohn, a registered dietitian, and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said.

      1. When we break it up into weekly goals, it helps to see progress, feel confident, reach benchmarks and feel motivated to continue.

    1. Mondays have been helpful in addressing healthy behavior changes such as

        1. Weight loss

        1. Healthy eating

        1. Physical activity

        1. Quitting Tobacco

      1. Dealing with stress

  1. Move more, but do when you can and how you like.

      1. The old message was you needed at least 10-minute bouts of aerobic activity for it to count toward the goal of 150 minutes a week. But, no longer. The new guidelines conclude that all movement that helps you stay physically active is important.

        1. Make sure that at least 2 days are focused on muscle-strengthening activities

      1. Nobody needs a gym to be healthy we just need to find small ways to increase physical activity.

    1. Physical activity can make daily life better. As you get more active — you can start feeling better right away!

        1. Boost your mood

        1. Sharpen your focus

        1. Reduce your stress

      1. Improve your sleep

  1. Feedback Feeds Motivation

      1. We all love feedback so track your progress.

    1. Feedback feeds motivation.

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