The end of the school year is only two weeks away, which is a good time to start looking ahead and preparing for fall and back to another school year, when students start dreading the mornings.  One preparation that can be made now to save you time in August, is making sure your children/teenagers are up to date with their immunizations. All children entering school are required by Utah state law to be vaccinated before attending.  

If you will have a kindergartener or seventh-grader next school year, chances are they are due for vaccine boosters before school starts.  If you are unsure of what your child needs for immunizations a phone call to your healthcare provider or stopping by Tricounty Health Department can help you find out what is needed.

Kindergarteners typically need  DTaP, Polio, MMR and Varicella (chickenpox) boosters.  Keep in mind that there may be others needed depending on vaccine history.  This looks like a lot of shots, however because of multi dose vaccines it will only take two injections for

your child, not four.

For seventh-graders  Tdap, meningococcal and HPV vaccines are on the list. HPV is not currently required for school but is highly recommended to protect your child from several cancers later in life.  As with the kindergarteners, seventh-graders will need to be caught up on missed vaccines. A copy of the history can help you know.

Making sure your child’s immunizations are up to date now is one way to be better prepared for back to school come August.

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