Open Burn Window and Air Quality

In recent years, there has been much discussion on air quality in the tri-county region. The temperatures are rapidly warming up and the Spring Burn Window is approaching.  It is important to know what is allowed and what is not allowed before the open burn window.

What is Allowed?

  • The burning of vegetation is allowed only during the Spring and Fall burn windows.

What is NOT Allowed?

  • Burning of solid waste is prohibited. Solid waste is anything that is not vegetation. Penalties can be severe for burning solid waste. Up to $25,000 per day of violation.
  • No burning garbage in a burn barrel
  • No disposing of debris at a construction site by burning, even if it is wood
  • No burning insulation off of wire for recycling

  • Spring Burn Window:  March 30– May 30
  • No Burn Permit Required in the tri-county region. Municipalities often require a burn permit.
  • Must notify dispatch
  • Clearing Index 500 feet
  • Fall Burn Window:  September 15 – October 30
  • Burn Permit Required
  • Must notify dispatch
  • Clearing Index 500 feet

Agricultural burning is allowed at certain times, but is often misinterpreted as being exempt from requirements. Agricultural burning is for the clearing of crops and ditch banks. It does not mean you can burn solid waste. You may need a permit to burn.

Agriculture Burns

  •  January 1 – May 31; November 1 – December 31
  • No burn permit required
  • Must notify dispatch
  • Recommend clearing index of 500 feet
  • June 1st – October 31st 
  • Burn permit is required
  • Must notify dispatch
  • Recommend clearing index of 500 feet

Permits and information can be obtained by going to:

Be considerate about your neighbors, visitors and the air we all breath.  As a review:

  • Don’t burn solid waste
  • Don’t burn at night
  • Don’t burn if the clearing index is below 500 feet.
  • Only burn vegetation during the specified burn windows.
  • Uintah and Duchesne County will have a Free Clean Up Week where you can take solid waste to landfill for free from April 22-29
  • To get more information on asbestos, dust control, air monitors, and research visit our page at or call us at 435-247-1160
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