We have had several fires get out of control already this year. We need to be careful when we burn vegetation. The wind has fueled these fires.


The burning of vegetation is allowed only during the Spring and Fall burn windows.

  • Spring Burn Window:  March 30 – May 30
  • No Burn Permit Required in the tri-county region. Municipalities usually require a burn permit.
  • Must notify dispatch at 789-4222
  • Clearing Index 500’ (dispatch has info for clearing index)
  • Fall Burn Window:  September 15 – October 30
  • Burn Permit Required


These burn windows are regulated by the Fire Districts. Uintah Fire District 435-781-6755

Duchesne Office of Emergency Management  (435) – 738 – 1226,  Daggett Fire Warden 435-828-1068.

Permits and information can be obtained by going to Uintah Fire District website.

http://www.uintahfire.com or Duchesne County website www.duchesne.utah.gov office of Emergency Management.


TriCounty Health Department is not the agency over fire safety but we are concerned with the health of our community and the air we breath. We have State Air Quality Rules that prohibit burning.



R307-202-5. General Requirements.
(1) Except as otherwise provided in this rule, no person shall set or use an open outdoor fire for the purpose of disposal or burning of petroleum wastes; demolition or construction debris; residential rubbish; garbage or vegetation; tires; tar; trees; wood waste; other combustible or flammable solid, liquid or gaseous waste; or for metal salvage or burning of motor vehicle bodies.

Burning of solid waste is prohibited. Solid waste is anything that is not vegetation. Penalties can be severe for burning solid waste. Both criminally and civilly. Up to $25,000 per day of violation, and possible felony and jail time.


You can contact our Roosevelt office at 435-722-6310 or the Vernal office at 435-247-1160 if you want to inform us about improper burning. We also have a 24 hour anonymous line to leave a message at 435-247-1195. You can go to TriCountyhealth.com and get these numbers or more information. https://tricountyhealth.com

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