Food Safety

With the summer events and barbeques going on, it’s important to keep food at the right temperature and leftovers stored correctly.

Do not to leave your food out in the hot weather too long, some foods can cause illness if not kept cold or hot enough. Meats, fish, dairy products, poultry and related foods spoil rapidly.  Hot foods need to be kept at 140 degrees or hotter and cold foods at 40 degrees or cooler.  Wash your hands often to avoid contaminated food. When you get ready to store your leftovers, remember to cool your hot foods to 40 degrees before closing the container or wrapping them up.



Below are some examples of cooking temperatures for different types of foods:


130°f: whole beef roasts, cook at least 121 minutes


135°f: commercially-pre-cooked foods; and fruits & vegetables cook at least 15 seconds


145°f:  shelled eggs, whole mussel fish, beef, pork (meats) cook at least 15 seconds


155°f: ground, chopped or injected meats; and game meat, cook at least 15 seconds                       


165°f: poultry; foods stuffed with meat and/or stuffing at least 15 seconds                 



For sanitizers follow the guidelines below:


Chlorine: 50 to 100 ppm(parts per million), 75 degrees


Quat: 200 ppm, 75 degrees


If you are doing a Temporary Food Service Event remember to obtain a permit Click Here. You can also obtain one at either office: 133 S 500 E, Vernal or 409 S 200 E, Roosevelt. Any questions please call Gary at 435-722-6300

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