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Hypertension Prevention


Let’s eliminate risk and catch hypertension early
Hypertension (or high blood pressure), is defined as consistent reading of 130/80 or greater and is often referred to as the “silent killer” because you don’t always feel your blood pressure rise.


Signs and Symptoms

Hypertension doesn’t always have symptoms. Although, some symptoms may include:
  • Sever Headache
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Severe anxiety

Check Your Pressure

You can check your pressure at any time, but a calm state is better for a clearer reading.

If you want to keep track of blood pressure readings, take your readings each day at the same time such as mornings or evenings. And take multiple recordings each time you measure, one minute apart, and record the result in your log.

Be still- dont smoke, drink caffeinated beverages, or exercise within 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure.
When taking your blood pressure sit correctly:
  • sit with your back straight and supported
  • Feet should be flat on the floor, legs should not be crossed
  • Your arm should be supported, with bicep at heart level
You can get free blood pressure readings at:
  • TriCounty Health Department (Roosevelt and Vernal)
  • Mountain Land
  • Vernal Urgent Care
  • Stewarts
  • Walmart
  • Both Davis (Roosevelt and Vernal)

Blood pressure of 180/120 or higher, consult a doctor immediately

Activity: The American Heart Association recommends… 30 minutes of aerobic activity, 5 days a week, AND Muscle strengthening activity at least 2 days a week. (Can’t make it to the time goal? That’s okay! SOMETHING is better than NOTHING)

Be Aware of Risks

BREAKING up With Sodium
Look for reduced, or lower sodium condiments. Choose canned vegetables labeled “no salt added.”

Smoking causes an increase in blood pressure, and is the most common cause, of avoidable cardiovascular mortality worldwide.To reduce your risk for a cardiovascular event, you should avoid all forms of tobacco, as well as second-hand smoke.
If you smoke, consider ways to quit

Smoking causes an increase in blood pressure, and secondhand smoke causes the same effects as active smoking. Quitting tobacco use is on of the best things a smoker can do for their health. Smoking puts you at risk for hypertension and many other illnesses.

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