Preparing for a Pandemic: partnering and preparing for the worst, so we can be at our best!

When the next global pandemic strikes, the probability is that some novel strain of influenza will likely be behind it, and the fact is, we need to be prepared to adequately address this threat.  That is why TriCounty Health Department,  Ashley Regional Medical Center, and the Utah State University – Uintah Basin School of Nursing have partnered to offer a two-day drive-up flu clinic.  

“As a health department, we don’t care where people get their flu shot, we care more that people actually get their shot,” said Jordan Mathis, Health Officer for TriCounty Health Department.  “However, if people want to assist the department and our community partners in preparing for and responding to a pandemic, they can come and get their flu shot at the Flu Shoot-Out.  

Similar to a fire drill prepares participants for how to respond in the vent of an emergency, the Flu Shoot-Out is an annual exercise conducted by TriCounty Health Department, in association with critical community partners to plan and prepare for a real pandemic.  In the event of a real pandemic, or mass outbreak, TriCounty Health Department would need to partner with local organizations to medicate or vaccinate the entire population. The annual Flu Shoot Out helps you get your flu shot, stay healthy this year, and helps the department and its partners practice and prepare for when an actual pandemic strikes.  

With few exceptions, the Center for Disease Control recommends that EVERYONE ages 6 months and up receive an annual influenza vaccine, also knowns as the flu shot.   


October 2-3 


3:00 pm – 7:00 pm 


USU Campus in Vernal & Roosevelt

During last year’s (2018-2019) flu season, the TriCounty area saw the highest per capita rate of influenza-associated hospitalizations in the state, with a total of 88 hospitalizations resulting in 3 deaths.