TriCounty Health Department is dedicated to working collaboratively to preserve and protect the environment.  Every Earth Day, TriCounty Health staff volunteer over 50 man-hours toward a project focussed on improving the environment.  Additionally, knowing that preserving and improving the environment is a collective effort, TriCounty Health, in partnership with the county attorney’s offices and local enforcement in all three counties, has formed an Environmental Response Task Force.  This task force is lead by TriCounty Health and focuses on addressing and responding to potential violations of environmental law in an effort to clean up and remediate their potential impact on the environment. This task forces efforts have led to the successful remediation and resolution of two reported environmental crimes violations.  


TriCounty Health has also partnered with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality – Division of Air Quality and the USU Bingham Research Center to study and develop programs that will assist the oil and gas industry to better identify and repair fugitive gas leaks that contribute to poor air quality across the Uinta Basin.  


Lastly, for the past two years, TriCounty Health has partnered with the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce and the Conservation Committee to promote the proper disposal and recycling of household and office electronic equipment.  TriCounty Health’s two offices have served as drop-off locations where the public could bring their used electronic equipment for disposal. After the collection period, TriCounty Health coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce for all the equipment to be properly disposed of, helping to keep our these sometimes toxic materials out of our local landfill.   

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