Little Hats, Big Hearts Donation a Success


TriCounty Health Department Teen Outreach Program in Uintah County (TOP) surpassed the donation goal for Little Hats, Big Hearts, by collecting over 173 red hats for infants.

TOP youth surpassed their goal of 50, by 123 little yarn beanies.


Youth in TOP learn life skills and how to make healthy choices. Each year, youth choose a Community Service Learning activity. This year, youth chose Little Hats, Big Hearts, which  was in conjunction with American Heart Association to raise awareness for congenital heart defects and to encourage and inspire our community to live heart-healthy lives.


The youth involved spent up to 12 hours at home crocheting hats to donate.


The project provided the youth a learning opportunity to gain resiliency and determination and to keep moving forward toward a common goal.


There were dropboxes set up at both TriCounty Health Department locations for donations. While many people in the community donated red hats and yarn for the project, unfortunately there is an unknown amount of hats that were taken from one of the dropboxes.


“This made us angry, but we overcame it and made more hats,” one Terra Academy participant said regarding the hats that had been taken from the donation dropbox.


Twenty-seven youth participated in the project, and many of the donations received were made by the youth.

The leaders of TOP heard great feedback from the youth involved saying the project gave them good feelings. “It felt good to give” and “I am grateful,” were a few comments made by participants.


Overall, TOP donated 173 hats, five skeins of yarn along with one community member donating $20 to American Heart Association, in Utah. Donations of hats will be distributed throughout the state and given to newborns born in February, since February is Heart Month. Donations of funds will be used for congenital heart defect research.


Donations were delivered on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018.


TriCounty Health Department and TOP would like to thank the community for their donations.


TriCounty Health Department and TOP would also like to thank the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office, Jail and inmates who participated, for their donations to the American Heart Association.

​KayLynn Ward – Vernal Middle School – is one of the youth that helped with the Little Hats, Big Hearts project. ​

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