TriCounty Health Department is currently looking for helpful individuals to volunteer for the Medical Reserve Corps, or otherwise known as MRC.

MRC is a national group of volunteers that are trained, verified and licensed, making it achievable to have an organized group of people when disaster or emergency strikes.

The local MRC unit is under the direction of TriCounty Health Department, and there is always room for more volunteers.

Volunteering does not take much time out of anyone’s schedule. We know you are busy and we would like to make volunteering easier on you by holding trainings six times a year and a drill once a year.

The trainings take place within one to two hours on the second Tuesday of every even month. The trainings take place with other volunteer organizations locally, like Red Cross, Citizens Corps, CERT, CART, and even neighborhood watch. The youth civil air patrol also attend the trainings and learn a lot about personal preparedness.

To be a volunteer, you only need to be 18 years old, be able to pass a background check and be willing to participate and personally prepare yourself and your family.

In fact, many of our volunteers join and participate primarily for the personal preparedness aspect, as well as the fulfillment of knowing that if disasters or emergencies happen, they are able and willing to help their community and pull together as a strong group when it is needed the most.

Contrary to the name, Medical Reserve Corps, volunteers do not necessarily have to have medical background to participate. In the event of a real emergency, that would require activation of volunteer units, there will be a plethora of jobs to do.

In an emergency, a volunteer MRC unit can only be activated if the Health Officer makes the decision that the situation calls for more help.

In the case of activation, unit volunteers will help care for and triage patients if hospitals become overwhelmed or in the event of a disease outbreak needing mass medication or vaccination, volunteers would help to distribute medications to locations where the public can receive what is needed.

There is always a need for people to sign up and participate. Volunteering now allows you to learn for yourself and to help others before an emergency takes place.

Volunteers can do far more than be prepared, volunteers can participate in events with TriCounty Health Department, help raise awareness for public health and so much more.

There are thousands of volunteer units nationwide and even more volunteers, and there have been those that have moved from the area to continue on with volunteering by transferring to a unit where they relocate.

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