BYB is temporary Medicaid coverage for pregnant women who qualify.

What services does it cover?
BYB covers pregnancy related outpatient services provided by any Utah Medicaid Provider.
-prenatal visits
-prenatal labs and tests
-prenatal vitamins

BYB does not cover inpatient delivery or emergency services.

How do I qualify?
You must be a Utah resident and a citizen of the United States or have lawful permanent residency status. Eligibility is determined by your household size and income.

You do not qualify if you are already on Medicaid, if you’ve been denied Medicaid within the last 30 days. You are only eligible for BYB once during your pregnancy.

How do I apply for BYB?
Call TriCounty health Department or apply online.

What happens after I’m approved for BYB?

You will have coverage from the day you’re approved to the last day of the following month. You will still need to submit an application for pregnancy Medicaid through the Department of Workforce Services. Your BYB card will be the same card you use once your Medicaid is approved.

For additional resources you may call TCHD at 435-247-1177 or go to

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